What is a job cluster?

There’s a new way of thinking when it comes to which jobs we may be best suited to. It’s called ‘Job clusters’ and its focus is on skills, not titles.

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians has shown that when you train in one job, you actually gain skills that can be used in an average of 13 other jobs. This is great news as it means you’re probably skilled for more jobs that you realise, or at least you will be.

A ‘Job cluster’ is a group of several jobs that require the same, or similar, skill set. There are 7 job clusters in total;

Generators – are great around people

Artisans – are good with their hands

Carers – have a passion for looking after others

Coordinators – like repetitive administration type tasks

Designers – enjoy creating

Informers – keep everyone in the loop

Technologists – love technology and anything digital


Knowing which job cluster your interests and skills fit with can help you decide what job suits you best. Plus, because the job clusters group together jobs by skill set, if you want to transfer to a different job, you can see which ones might work well. For example, if you worked as a sales assistant you’d be a Generator, and you could look at other Generator roles, like a café assistant or hotel worker.


Think you know which cluster you fit in to? Find out by taking our fun, quick quiz which will help you figure out which job cluster is the best for you. Whichever it is, CoAct will be able to help you with next steps to finding your perfect job match.

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