Understanding “The Coordinator” –
the devil is in the detail

You’re the busy bee who keeps things moving and the type of person who can’t sit still. Whether it’s making someone’s life easier, improving the way something works, or taking on more to do, you like to get things done.

It’s all about the process and ticking things off that important to-do list. You might prefer to stay behind the scenes, but you’re the glue that holds everything together. That’s why employers need you – the go-to person the team can count on. As the saying goes, behind every great boss, there’s an even greater assistant.

You understand that the devil is in the detail and have a strong desire to make sure everything is on point. And guess what? There’s a huge range of jobs that suit your skills. In fact, recent reports suggest that there are over 50 jobs that suit the Coordinator cluster.¹

Coordinators can work across a variety of different industries including services, logistics, administration and much, much more.


If you excel at organisation, are good at time management and work well in a team, your skills may be good in an administrative role. Have you ever considered a job as an office assistant or administrative secretary? And while attention to detail is a must, you may also need to answer phones, prepare reports or agendas, schedule meetings and manage databases.

But that’s not all, the diverse range of jobs that match your skills could see you applying your detail-oriented mind to being a bookkeeper, traffic coordinator, housekeeper, production assistant, receptionist or project coordinator.


So, we know you’re organised, but if you like a challenge, enjoy meeting new people and are a great communicator, you may also be good in a role like supply chain executive, office assistant or mailroom supervisor. You’re one step ahead and the person who knows exactly what’s happening before it’s even happened. It’s likely you’ll be managing invoices, data entry, coordinating supplies and deliveries and maybe even organising the staff party.

For many, committing to a full-time job can be a challenge, however, there are lots of jobs for coordinators offering flexible part-time roles. Coordinators are the people that make sure businesses run smoothly. It’s time to showcase your talents.

¹ Source: Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)
² According to Indeed
³ According to University of Melbourne economist Mark Wooden

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